Why Am I Growing These Plants?

I build small scale models as a hobby (usually military-related vehicles and figures), and most of the times I also create a base that attempts to depict the actual terrain, just to bring everything to life. Take a look at my other two blogs to see some examples:



Buildings, water, plants, everything can be included. A tree for example, will give the scene more depth and a sense of scale due to it's proportions. Model-trees can be found ready-made at hobby shops, whether in plastic or as dried natural plants like the ones I'm trying to grow.

Growing the Teloxys Aristata isn't easy because they're native of the Gobi Desert, it's hard to maintain adequate conditions without a greenhouse, for example. Anyway, I've been able to gather some full-grown plants that do look exactly like small trees and I intend to use them on my future dioramas.

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Where did I get my seeds from?